Why such a course?

In an epoch characterized by a staggering number of disasters from natural and manmade causes, major incidents with mass casualties are seen more often than before. Natural disasters, industrial accidents and terrorist attacks frame an asymmetric environment, which poses several challenges to healthcare providers. This new setting of disaster incidents mandates tactics and medical practices, which differ from the daily provided medical care in civilian hospitals.

It is an Internationally Accredited Course. Successful completion of the course - including a pre test performed online, a posttest that will take place on-site and the ongoing assessment of the technical and cognitive skills, trainees have acquired - is granted with EACCME® and ECTS®, as well as with a diploma provided by the Medical School of the University of Athens and WSES.


Via an intense 3 days training program in the field of disaster medicine and management, trainees are expected to acquire the theoretical framework as well as practical skills to respond in health crisis incidents and humanitarian missions, where number and severity of casualties exceed local infrastructure and resources.